The Pathie C++ library is a small C++ library that provides you with the means to handle path names properly, with special focus on supporting Unicode pathnames. As such, it gives access to the usual path management methods (like getting the parent directory or splitting a filename in directory and basename parts), but most importantly, it flawlessly works with UTF-8 pathnames regardless of the underlying platform (including Windows). In your application, you can just use UTF-8, and Pathie will transparently transform that to whatever the local filesystem encoding is.

Apart from the core path handling facility, Pathie also provides methods to retrieve the standard pathes a user has. On Linux, it covers both the XDG directories (properly localised so you get ~/Dokumente for the Documents directory on a German system) and the dot-dir group of directories (~/.config, etc.). On Windows, it gives you access to the User’s standard directory as exposed via the Win32API (e.g., C:/Users/Yourname/Documents).

Pathie currently supports Linux and Windows/MinGW. More detailed information is available in the README.

Pathie is a C++98 library, so you’ll need a C++98-compliant compiler.

Source code

Stable releases

The stable version is 0.1.1, released on 2019-05-12.

Repository access

The source code can be viewed online. To clone the repository to your local machine:

$ git clone git://

There’s also a GitHub mirror.


The documentation can be generated locally by running the doxygen command in the project’s toplevel directory. It is also available for download.


Pathie is distributed under the BSD license.

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