This project is for the development of a new open-source (code as GPL, media as CC-BY-SA) role-play game (RPG) that is meant to be a hobby project. It is intended to be a 3D action adventure with fight and puzzles as it is known from the Zelda series, most notably Ocarina of Time. This is not intended to be a clone. It should be something original, with original story, concept, media, etc.

As of now, this project is in the planning stage. Originally being a personal project of a friend circle, this project is at this early stage invite-only. Drop an e-mail to quintus at if you think you want to contribute. You might also join the IRC channel #secretchronicles on's IRC server. While it is actually the channel of another game project, many of those involved here are usually around in that IRC channel as well.

Story and concept drafts are available only for members.

The source code repository is available for members with push access as:

$ git clone

It is available via anonymous read-only Git as:

$ git clone git://

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Manager: quintus, sydney

Developer: claudio, datahead, Denerio, Kali, refi64, SiggyPop, sydney, xet7