tinyclipboard is a cross-platform C library for accessing the clipboard, i.e. the temporary storage you access usually via the CTRL+C and CTR+V key combinations or pull-down menus. Both read and write access are provided. In contrast to other libraries, tinyclipboard is (hence its name) fairly small and does not depend on any large toolkits or frameworks. It only requires the absolute minimum of what is needed to access the clipboard. On Windows, this means there are no dependencies, and on X11 systems the only dependency is libX11, which is available on every system running an X server. Due to its minimal nature, you can simply embed the library into your project either as an ordinary source file (tinyclipboard consists of only one C source file with fewer than a thousand lines and a corresponding header file), or build it as a static library. For completeness, a shared library can also be built.

The library has been written with Unicode support in mind right from the beginning. Any interaction with tinyclipboard happens in UTF-8.

Source Code

Stable Releases

The stable version is 16.01, released on 2016-01-22.

Repository Access

The Git repository can be browsed online. You may also clone it to your local machine:

$ git clone git://


tinyclipboard ships with extensive documentation in form of manpages in the man/ directory of the sources, as well as with a README file that is more detailed than this overview.

For your convenience, you may browse the manpages for the current version online. The README is online available.


tinyclipboard is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3+. See the file LICENSE in the sources for details.

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