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Hi all! ;>)

Here are my 1st ideas: (About music, themes, loops, a hymn or anthem for the game etc.)

The various events are supported by different acoustic backgrounds. So I try to compose the right sound and music for each scene.

When the game starts, a frame/ screen appears with the name of the game – and you hear
a melody played by trumpets &/or trombones or horns.

Then a video follows which shows the map, like you’ll fly over it, accompanied by a bleak, gloomy sound and melody which reflects the mood of the game…
Perhaps we could install a 2nd clip which reflects the action of the game in short form.

After this the start/home screen appears, where you can choose “new game” or “continue” – supported by the game theme (anthem).

… Inspired by the Game SHENMUE (I’m a big fan!) I’d like to compose a theme for each character in the game.

OK, these are my 1st ideas on it – let’s create something cool! ;>)


From time to time I'm gonna post some stuff here - just ideas & examples. 1st I'm analyzing and composing - phase I - then, when all is clear, I start recording - phase II a.s.o. ... if u got any ideas or wishes, what u want to have as a background, just tell me - we can work it out. ;>)
I'm glad, to work on this project with u! Let'z have fun (slang :P )
I play all kind(s) of music - except Rap and other brainless stuff... :P & I'm also the leader of the f-group
"Rock, Blues Rock & Hard Rock"! ;>) Join, if u like (but it's in german!)
/* & it's been a while, since I went to school, so, have merci, that my english is not as good as it was some decades ago ... :P ;) */

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RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 10 months ago

Here's the rest:

... Strange - :o (-- befremdlich anmutend - in german :P lol )

only wanted to attach 2 files, and the very first post slipped in ...

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 10 months ago

Hi guys, :)

yesterday I did some test recordings again - with Guitar Rig. There you have a range of cool effects.
Unfortunately, the integrated tape deck from GR does not record these special effects - what a shame. In the recording you only hear a simple sound.
It is possible to import the recording into Cubase or Ardour and post-process it there, but that is not the yellow of the egg either – so to say.
I'll try to use a screen recorder - maybe that's better.

OK, wish everyone a warm and cozy weekend! ;) (At the fireplace.)


For music beginners I still have a "donkey bridge" (german saying) to better remember the G major scale:
You just take the first 7 letters of the alphabet a b c d e f g, put a G in front of the beginning and add a # to the f:
So g a b c d e f# g. ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 10 months ago

OK, guys - ;)

I rolled up my sleeves again and created a few grooves. All in G, therefore intended for situations, that are not so dreary, so suitable for side quests. Different variations - from blues to jazz and swing to rock. Some sound a little funny. :)

//All without an ending, therefore loopable. As you can see in the *.txt file, I used 2 different blues schemes.

Here are a few demos, the rest goes to the dms. It can be found in the folder Grooves in G.
Have fun with it! ;>)


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Hi all, :)

I designed a little background melody - could work well too - not too fast ... will of course be expanded.


RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 10 months ago

OK, here the 1st extension:

// At 2 b.p.m. faster, and the metronome switched on on tux guitar - this makes choosing the tempo easier.

If you don't have a program to play midi files, you can simply install tuxguitar and listen to the *.tg-files by pressing the play button. ;)

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Hi folks, :)

I played around with the G major pentatonic scale. Here are the results:
As in training, you have to warm up a bit as a musician. Here are a few examples - for the musicians among us. This often leads to new ideas. Have fun with it.

Have a nice, creative weekend.


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Hi all, :)

just got in touch with a band of 3 rock ladies from Ireland called Dea Matrona. Very nice girls! ;)
Invited them to play at my group('s) meeting (of Rock, Blues Rock & Hard Rock) next summer - provided that the corona crisis is under control by then.
If that should work, you would of course also be invited. Would you like that? :D

Just made a list of songs I would play - think of this as a cool event …
// Ziggy in serious destroyer mode, lol :D
(Don't know if that was translated correctly. - In german: "Schwerenöter-Modus" - Heard the phrase in a game recently, lol - broken sword 2 - in german)
Then let's wait and see what next summer brings.

Bye 4 now,
SP. ;>)

// just look here:

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 10 months ago

Here's a little gimmick with the G major pentatonic scale. Sounds happy. ;)

// just written

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 10 months ago

Hi guys, :)

just watched an interesting interview with Paul McCartney - one of the greatest musicians and songwriters. Nice to see how some of the most popular songs in music history were created. Good input … ;)

Paul McCartney Breaks Down His Most Iconic Songs

// motivation & inspiration

SP. ;)

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Hi all! :)

I looked at the tickets, to see, what is actually going on. So I stumbled upon Jerome (Hieronymus):


Core theme part

My first musical thoughts on that. That doesn't sound like anything, of course, but just to capture the rhythm and melody …
According to the character, it should of course be a dark, threatening piece, so a continuous bass rhythm in e is best, I think. Will work that out little by little.
You can of course add a few more dissonances to the melody, that makes it even scary. :P UuuuuaAAAHHHRRRR, LOL :D

Your bard,
Sigurd. ;>)

// You have to imagine, that everything is accompanied by a driving, deep bass rhythm ...

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OK, I added a second part - at the end with a little solo. Of course could be played a little faster ...
When that's done, I'll arrange it for a small orchestra ... Just like the other ideas I've been writing lately.

I wish you all the best, if we don't "read" each other over the holidays. Stay clean & healthy!

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 months ago

Here is another addition:

From the low G down on the scale and back again to the G.
Every time I play a scale it sounds different and new ideas come to me. Try that.

Once you get to that point as a musician, things start to get interesting.
We can of course also use these ideas in Ilmendur. Maybe I'll incorporate one or the other idea somewhere. Until then! Cya!

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 months ago

Hi all, :)

here's the lick of the day - fingering of G major pentatonic scale # IV:
Sounds like a tune on hold or something like that, lol. :D
I just play through a fingering and see what comes out - the whole thing is refined with a few effects like staccato, hammering on, etc. ... or decorated with other flourishes ...

SP. ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 months ago

Hello, everybody! :)

Here's another example - GmajPenta, IV.(th) Fingering:
More about improvisation can be found here: (One of my projects)

The "goal in life" should be to play these exercises in all keys! ;) Right across the circle of fifths and quarters.

I will incorporate some of these ideas in Ilmendur.

OK, then I wish everyone all the best & get through the turn of the year safely! Stay clean & healthy!

Your bard,
Sigurd! ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 months ago

A happy new '22! :)

  • I wrote something classic again. Guess this is good for a game. It could be arranged for strings.I will build on that when I have the time and leisure. It begins with basic notes, from which a melody slowly forms ...

Your bard,
Sigurd. ;>)

// ... have to play it a little faster - at least 116 bpm and still find the right key ...

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Hello everyone again! :)
I hope you are all well!

As already mentioned, I will take special care of the tickets this year. //see screenshot
To work more efficiently, I have created a folder with descriptions - the first step is done.
So I will arrange everything that I have written so far for the individual topics and mix it with sounds from nature etc.
I hope to be able to present the first results to you soon.

Your bard,
Sigurd. ;>)

// If you have any special requests or ideas - don't be afraid to post them here. ;)

  • I don't bite lol :D only if someone wakes me up! Harrr! :P

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 8 months ago

Here's a 1st idea: ;)

  • When I think of dungeon I think of a dark melody... something like this:

… Just a start…

Here are some demos, the rest goes into the new folder in the dms: music backgrounds/"Dungeon"

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 8 months ago

Hello folks, :)

Just wrote the Corona Blues - at least the groove. I still have to work it out a little bit, but once the basic idea is established, it's easy.
For the game, of course, without text and classically arranged. (The midi-sound reminds me of the old DOS games, lol especially the slides. But it only serves to capture the ideas.)

In German, the text went something like this:
"Ich hab den Corona Blues, weil ich immer 'ne Maske aufsetzen muss ... a.s.o. ... " lol

  • Furthermore, I have dealt with the II-V-I connection. A common chord connection in harmony theory. And all written in Dorian - I'll include that in some background music for the "fairy lands". More on that shortly.

Yours, SP.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 8 months ago

Hello again! :)

Had a melody in my head when I woke up today and wrote it down right away so it wouldn't disappear into musical nirvana forever, lol. :D
Since I've played quite a few games since the 90s, when the 1st pc games came out, I have an idea of ​​what the background music should look like/ could be:
Often only short, 2-bar phrases are used, which serve as a background - sometimes even just 1-bar.

Continuing on from yesterday, I dug through my old pc and looked at what I've written about Dorian mode over the last few years.
I also designed something for this:
There are several ways to improvise over a chord progression.
For example, in E minor that would be the Em & Em7 chord, the Em pentatonic and the E Dorian scale.
I jotted down the sheet music here & the II-V-I- connection in E-Dorian.

With this knowledge in mind, many ideas can now be found.
You don't have to plaster every bar with nothing but sixteenth notes - often less is more... But enough theory - yesterday I played around with this sheet music and wrote down a few things on the notepad.
I still have to work it out. See you soon.

  • SP/ ZP. ;)

// Those were my thoughts on Ilmendur at the moment.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 8 months ago

Hi all, :)

Here are my goals for '22:

I want to work through two books: Cubase Profi Guide & Cubase Composers Guide with an eye on recording technique and mixing.
This is definitely worth it and also benefits Ilmendur. What was the name of a principle for success? Make/ create time! So cut TV time for reading time! ;)

A large part also concerns midis - I have a small program here - midi_to_wav_maker - could also be helpful here. Can be used on linux with wine.

Cya soon!

  • SP.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 8 months ago

Discussion point:

Correct sampling and bit rate when recording.
There are different settings here: for CDs, DVDs, audio file for broadcast use, mp3 file for Internet and mp3 player.
Which would you suggest here?
The recording file type in Cubase is mostly wave - but it takes up a lot of storage space.
We've touched on this topic before, I think - just to remind ... Just came across this.
Speaking of the Internet: It occurred to me that we could also simply make a browser game - for a start - would be less effort for such a small team. There are many browser games these days - do you know Sherwood? I used to play that some years ago...
This type of games is called mmorpg. What do you think?

  • Found it - this is sherwood - changed a bit ...,online_chips:sherwood+forest:7sD1U3bWfO8%3D&client=firefox-b-lm&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj14LO3wc71AhWND-wKHQ6rB9sQ4lYoA3oECAEQIQ&biw=1078&bih=516

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 8 months ago

Hiya, :)

... So you can see what I'm doing right now ... it's in german - a midi recording tutorial.
Playing is easy, but all the technical stuff requires a lot of work.

Cya soon,

  • SP.