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Hi all! ;>)

Here are my 1st ideas: (About music, themes, loops, a hymn or anthem for the game etc.)

The various events are supported by different acoustic backgrounds. So I try to compose the right sound and music for each scene.

When the game starts, a frame/ screen appears with the name of the game – and you hear
a melody played by trumpets &/or trombones or horns.

Then a video follows which shows the map, like you’ll fly over it, accompanied by a bleak, gloomy sound and melody which reflects the mood of the game…
Perhaps we could install a 2nd clip which reflects the action of the game in short form.

After this the start/home screen appears, where you can choose “new game” or “continue” – supported by the game theme (anthem).

… Inspired by the Game SHENMUE (I’m a big fan!) I’d like to compose a theme for each character in the game.

OK, these are my 1st ideas on it – let’s create something cool! ;>)


From time to time I'm gonna post some stuff here - just ideas & examples. 1st I'm analyzing and composing - phase I - then, when all is clear, I start recording - phase II a.s.o. ... if u got any ideas or wishes, what u want to have as a background, just tell me - we can work it out. ;>)
I'm glad, to work on this project with u! Let'z have fun (slang :P )
I play all kind(s) of music - except Rap and other brainless stuff... :P & I'm also the leader of the f-group
"Rock, Blues Rock & Hard Rock"! ;>) Join, if u like (but it's in german!)
/* & it's been a while, since I went to school, so, have merci, that my english is not as good as it was some decades ago ... :P ;) */

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RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 3 months ago

Hi guys, :) this would be the chance that we could meet - this weekend:

Just posted this in my rock group - if you want to come too - that would be great!
Various bands have been playing here on the market place for a few days -. and I'm going to buy a mass of beer there today or tomorrow evening. This will be fun for sure. But please let me know in advance if you want to come so we can work something out.

Your bard,
Sigurd! ;>) Cya!

' Yes, I know it's a bit spontaneous - and I won't be mad at you if you don't make it - I only have spontaneous meetings... ;)

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Unfortunately, I am currently in Berlin while attending a conference. I
will be unable to attend your performance.


RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 3 months ago

It's a shame, Quintus,

but maybe it'll work out another time.
If anyone else plans to come, I won't be available again until the evening. Just leave a message here.

Cya, SP.

It could rain - so please prepare accordingly.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 2 months ago

Hey guys, :)

I finally found the time to do something again. Here a new background mixed with nature sounds. I've only used fifth chords here (power chords), which gives it a special sound. This sound structure cannot be used to determine whether it is major or minor - only for people who have mastered the theory of harmony. ;)
Here are a few examples, the rest goes into dms. Have fun with it.
// Personally, I'm particularly fond of the "slow ballad" style - I'll probably expand on that a bit...

(New folder: Background music mixed with nature sounds)

Your bard,
Sigurd. ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 2 months ago

Hiya, :)

so that you can see that I'm also doing something, here's a lick - this time in G minor. If you place the electric guitar on your left thigh in the classic position, the Gm pentatonic can be played most relaxed - in my opinion, that's why I play e.g. currently also mainly in this location. ;) I also wrote a small solo, which I still have to enter.


RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

Hiya, :)

extended the lick here:

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

And then finally made a part or a little solo:

// I've woven in light 1/4 tone bends here (like in the blues) - the tone is only bent very slightly. ;)

And at the end, of course, a nice, big vibrato. (There's a lot of soloing technique packed into this little construct.)

  • SP.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

It sounds even better if you change the last note in the 3rd pass:

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

Hiya, :)

here is an 8 bar solo with the G minor pentatonic scale. Just composed:


// The lick is actually only the 1st bar - but it soon became more of it. ;)

Found a few effects that can be built into background melodies - I'll experiment with them a bit. Cya soon!

I'm not so happy with the blues bending in the last bar - it can't be represented digitally as intended - at least not with this program - it sounds a bit too high here! But it should only be an audio sample. For Ilmendur, of course, it's arranged classically anyway - I just wanted to capture it the way I originally wrote it... The word for Friday, lol. :D

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

8 hours later: ;)

I was able to reduce the bending by half! It almost sounds like real blues bending. I developed a second solo. In many songs, a short solo is played between the verses. I would also like to compose some pieces according to this pattern.
Unusual to design the solos first and then the chord progressions, but I keep surprising myself. But why not - there is still artistic freedom. Have a nice, creative weekend!

// I always call this trick 17 with self-trick lol. :D ;)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

Hiya, :)

started sth. new:

Theme in Gm

Gm Penta

A good starting note is the note D: then f, c...d, f, g...
The beginning of a beautiful melody...

Your bard Sigurd! ;)

// thought I had to capture that quickly before it fades away again - then I can read about what I had in mind later... ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago

I hope you don't hit me like the Gauls beat the bard Troubadix, lol! :D
"... No, you will not sing!" Hahaha!
I used to be a big fan of Asterix comics - collected all the volumes! ;>)

  • This column could also be called: The Bard's Diary! ;)
  • I'm a bit thoughtful again today but also humorous - I think you should always add a pinch of humor... livens up the dreary everyday life a bit...And a game like ours should be fun - fun to make!

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop about 1 month ago


Interested parties might now ask themselves: What is the relationship of the tone "d" in the G minor pentatonic scale?

(which I mentioned before) Little homework lol. ;)


RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 25 days ago

Hiya, :)

Summer is coming to an end and so I have more time for indoor activities again. Since I'm currently on B flat major and G minor, I fiddled around a bit and wrote something new:

If you play in the clef of B flat you can create a composition in C Dorian - a bit unusual, but unusual is good I think! ;)

I still have some work to do on it, but I think it's going to be extraordinary! If we produce a unique game, we also have to offer something corresponding.

More about that shortly.
Your bard, Sigurd.

  • What a pity that my efforts to find a graphic designer did not resonate with my group... As everywhere, here too, most people are just followers who let themselves be carried along by the crowd instead of doing something themselves... Unfortunately, that's the sad truth - but it's all the more reason for us to roll up our sleeves if we want to achieve something. Just a side thought... We're not like that, so we want to stay creative and hard-working.
  • So my realization is, that it's difficult for true artists to find like-minded people - we're kind of different from the "common people" after all - which sounds a bit pretentious, but it helps me to overcome this frustration...
  • I'm still able to motivate myself despite the indifference of the crowd - if that's no longer the case at some point, I'm sorry... I hope it doesn't come to that! ;) _ But I'm still humble - pride comes before a fall, they say...

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 25 days ago

Wooow - I just composed a cool riff - but I will only upload it to the dms - should also be the basis for one of my songs...
But first I have to capture it somehow - hope I still remember it...
Hope this inspires you to be a little more energetic...

  • SP. ;>)

I wrote it down briefly, but not the way I first had it in mind... but maybe I'll remember it. Is in the dms under C-dorian riff. The bass would have to play the keynote C and B flat in places. I'll arrange it for Ilmendur in the classic way.

// OK, I hope I could infect you with my enthusiasm! ;)

// PS: To explain: It sounds as if we are in C major - but we are not, since the key is B flat... ;) awesome...

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 13 days ago

Hi all, :)

have been analyzing finger positions of the Bb major/G minor scale lately and by doing so I have designed some phrases that I will later combine with the G minor pentatonic scale which in turn leads to new ideas and combinations. Of course, writing all this down is a lot of work - as soon as I have some breathing space, I will devote myself to it... see you then.

  • SP.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 13 days ago

Found a way to save time writing the whole thing down - here's an example:
// I first wrote it down in German - but a musician will understand the combinations of tones. ;)

Bb-dur - G-moll III. Lage

  1. Saite: Töne: G A Bb - Lick: G A Bb A - Phrase: |: G A Bb A :| G 2.: G A Bb A G A Bb

  2. Saite: " D Eb F - " D Eb F Eb - " |: D Eb F Eb :| D Eb F G A Bb (+ 1. Saite) 2.: D Eb F D F Eb D

... aso... This is good for improvising.

Will continue this soon... cya! ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 13 days ago

  • Now I've come up with a nice phrase that sounds a bit more exotic - I absolutely have to remember it for Ilmendur:

3.: G A Bb A G A Bb G A ... It pays off to dig deep into a topic - that's how you get decent results! ;)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 days ago

Hello everyone, :)

well, what a pity, a guitar session was actually planned for this weekend, but due to an accident I can hardly lift my left arm!
Extremely unfavorable for a musician... But we won't let that get us down either - let's do some theory. Will probably just play some rhythm with the right hand in the open tuning - let's see where that takes us.

Maybe I'll get some new ideas. See you then! ;>)

Here is an addition to the previous topic:

  1. " A (II.Lage) Bb C - Bb A Bb C Bb Bb A Bb C Bb C Bb C - Bb A Bb C Bb A Bb - Bb A Bb C Bb A Bb G

  2. " F G A " f G A G F G A G F G F (F)

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 days ago

... I just browsed something:

I'll do something I've never done before: I'll experiment with the lute tuning. That sounds like medieval music - perhaps appropriate for Ilmendur. ;)
As far as I can see, this tuning is suitable for D major. So why not - let's do something different.
We could use the following grips/chords here and make a piece out of them:

D D7 Dsus G A A7 E B F# Bm Em F#m ...

Let's see what I can create from it.

Without having to think too much - the basic chord progression in D major is D G A - you can compose a piece from it. Thousands of pieces of music have been written in the simple cadence - so let's do that too.

I still remember the following basic cadence from the field of classical music:

D G D/A A7 D.

I'll work something out over the weekend. It's always nice to explore something new - you really never stop learning in music!
The normal guitar tuning is: EADGBE. In lute tuning, on the other hand, the low E string is tuned down to D and the G string down to F#. As a result, you have to play the chords differently - you feel like you're relearning guitar or how should I compare it - like you have a new girlfriend... ;). :D

With this in mind - have a nice, creative weekend together!

Your bard,
Sigurd! ;>)

// The lute tuning comes closest to a bard I think.

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 9 days ago

Here is another article about the lute:

RE: Sound & music - Added by SiggyPop 7 days ago

Hi all, :)

here's an approach to Bard's Theme: In D, you could also rewrite it in B minor, but major sounds a bit more positive. First in 3/4 time (tale waltz), then also in 4/4 as a ballad and baroque piece.

Your bard,
Sigurd. ;>)

RE: Sound & music - Added by quintus 3 days ago

Okay, Siggy. I added audio support to the game. Currently it plays only one of your songs from the DMS in a loop, but yes, you can hear your composition now in the game. You can try it out yourself if you install the flatpak I uploaded over here.

If I should swap the piece which is played out for another one, tell me. Of course, later on each map will have its associated music, but for now all this does is demonstrating that audio does work properly, your pieces included.

Note that I converted your piece from MIDI to OGG/Vorbis, because MIDI is not very portable and not everyone has a MIDI player available. I used timidity++ with the Fluidsynth sound font to create the OGG file; since you probably are using another sound font, I would expect this to sound slightly different from what you hear when playing the MIDI file directly on your computer.