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  • Emacs-Erweiterungen

    Dieses Repositorium enthält einige meiner von mir für den Eigengebrauch geschriebenen Hilfsprogramme für den Editor Emacs. Diese Programme verwalte ich hier nur der Übersicht wegen gemeinsam und gebe sie nur aus prinzipiellen Gründen unter der GPL frei. Ich leiste hierfür keine Unterstützung. Diese Programmem müssen vor allen für mich funktionieren, alles andere ist nachrangig....

  • Fernschreiber X

    Fernschreiber X is my attempt at creating a modern XMPP client meant for the desktop. There are great clients for smartphones already (like Conversations), but a good desktop client has not yet been developed. Since XMPP is multi-device-ready right from the standard, this situation is insufficient....

  • Pathie

    The Pathie C++ library is a small C++ library that provides you with the means to handle path names properly, with special focus on supporting Unicode pathnames. As such, it gives access to the usual path management methods (like getting the parent directory or splitting a filename in directory and basename parts), but most importantly, it flawlessly works with UTF-8 pathnames regardless of the underlying platform (including Windows). In your application, you can just use UTF-8, and Pathie will transparently transform that to whatever the local filesystem encoding is....

  • QPlug

    QPlug is a Redmine plugin that adapts my personal Redmine instance for my use. If you as a user of my Redmine instance have a problem with it, file a ticket in this project.

  • Role-Play Game

    This project is for the development of a new open-source (code as GPL, media as CC-BY-SA) role-play game (RPG) that is meant to be a hobby project. It is intended to be a 3D action adventure with fight and puzzles as it is known from the Zelda series, most notably Ocarina of Time. This is not intended to be a clone. It should be something original, with original story, concept, media, etc....

  • Ruby-Tutorium

    Dieses Projekt enthält den letzten Stand einer von mir nie vollendeten Einführung in die Programmierung anhand der Programmiersprache Ruby. Ich stelle es hier zur Verfügung, damit all die Arbeit nicht ganz verloren geht. Im Projektarchiv finden sich die LaTeX-Quellen, eine PDF-Version steht im Reiter „Dateien“ zum Download zur Verfügung. Rechtliche Informationen zur Verbreitung und Veränderung können Quelldateien und PDF entnommen werden....

  • Tinyclipboard

    tinyclipboard is a cross-platform C library for accessing the clipboard, i.e. the temporary storage you access usually via the CTRL+C and CTR+V key combinations or pull-down menus. Both read and write access are provided. In contrast to other libraries, tinyclipboard is (hence its name) fairly small and does not depend on any large toolkits or frameworks. It only requires the absolute minimum of what is needed to access the clipboard. On Windows, this means there are no dependencies, and on X11 systems the only dependency is libX11, which is available on every system running an X server. Due to its minimal nature, you can simply embed the library into your project either as an ordinary source file (tinyclipboard consists of only one C source file with fewer than a thousand lines and a corresponding header file), or build it as a static library. For completeness, a shared library can also be built....

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