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Enemy: Ghost

Added by quintus almost 2 years ago.

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Base Data

  • Name: Ghost
  • Environment: Dark rooms; occasionally free areas, but only at night and if not too far away from buildings.
  • Weakness: Light


This enemy is intended to be an entirely cliché and comical adaption of castle ghosts: a white, but transparent creature covered in a white bed sheet, rattling with its chains and shouting "booooh!" if it gets near you. It has no interior under the bed sheet. It also does not have legs; it hovers above the ground.

At a certain distance from the camera ghosts become completely transparent, i.e. it is only possible to actually notice them if you are near enough.


This enemy lives only in dark or mostly dark areas, especially in old buildings and castles. If it recognises someone in the room, it hovers towards the person, stopping in front of it and then shouts "booohohoooo!" and rattles its chains. It can then disappear entirely and manifest itself elsewhere in the room again. During darkness, this enemy only deals damage if touched while rattling its chains. It will flee any source of light as far as it can. If the player moves quickly away after meeting the ghost, it laughes.

While it is dark, it is entirely possible to walk through this enemy. Conversely, this enemy is not material and can just hover through you or any other object.

How to defeat

Ghosts are immune to any attacks until light is shed onto them. In a lit room it materialises immediately, turning into a brownish opaque colour. In this state, it sinks down to the ground, then moves slowly and tries to flee the light. Touching it in this state deals damage to the person touching it. It can be destroyed in this state by any physical or magical attack with a single blow.

The used light source may either be natural light or the Spell of Light.


A ghost carrying an item (like a key) has the item hovering in its middle, mostly non-transparent. This allows the player to notice it. However, to collect the item, the ghost must be defeated; the item then falls down with the ghost's death. If a ghost carrying an item is far enough from the camera to be completely invisible, the item it carries still remains visible; making it look as if e.g. the key hovers in the free air. When a ghost materialises due to light, it becomes intransparent, thus the item cannot be seen in this state.

If there are other enemies in the room, it sometimes interacts with them in the same mannor as with the players. Small enemies then usually run away from the ghost; more intelligent ones simply ignore it.

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