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The Paladin is the head of the High Council of the Mages. Formally he only holds the power over the administration and forces in Oak Fortress, but informally the Paladin is usually considered the head of all mages. Refer to the story documents for more details.

"Paladin" is actually a title granted to the head of the High Council. The game does not reveal the current Paladin's birth name in the main storyline (note: maybe it can be dropped somewhere hidden).


The Paladin is a major side character in the game. He occurs multiple times and makes decisions impacting the story (refer to the story documents).


The Paladin is a tall man wearing a long white robe with golden decorations on it. He wears a big white, rounded hat made of white stoat fur. The front of the hat bears the Emblem of the Mages. The Paladin wears a full beard of grey colour. On his left hand (the current paladin is a left hander) he wears a golden signet ring, which also shows the Emblem of the Mages, with extra decorations that only the Paladin is allowed to use. When standing still, this Paladin normally crosses his arms before his chest, mandating respect before his person. As for the shoes, like all people living in Oak Fortress, he wears crakows (German: "Schnabelschuhe"), which should look like the one on the lower left of this picture except you please leave off the terminal bell. He has a brownish coloured skin, like many people in Oak Fortress.


The Paladin lives for his duty, his actions are determined to guide the mages through the time of his reign. In normal times, this should be enough and he would have made more than a mediocre leader, but when it comes to conflicts and hard decisions he leaves the strong will to be desired. While he likes to appear pompous to the outside, in reality his character is not that strong at all. When he is convinced that Hieronymous really has returned, he seeks to minimise the negative impact this could have on the mages by trying to ally with him, neglecting Hieronymous desire to draw all and every power only to himself, which leaves no room for any positive outcome for the mages. Hieronymous is clever enough to look through the Paladin's intentions and utilises him as his tool until the time comes to dispose it.


The Paladin lives in Oak Fortress, where he can only be met in relevant situations of the story.

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