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Enemy: Shadow Warrior

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Base Data

  • Name: Shadow Warrior
  • Environment: None in specific
  • Weakness: Sword


The Shadow Warrior is a tall soldier clad all in black. His weapon is a long Halberd, which is all black too. Even though all black, it is not a ghost enemy; it does not fear the light. The Shadow Warrior wears a distinctive black helmet and a black robe whose bottom end is ragged. If wind blows, the robe magnificiently moves in the wind. It wears an armor covering all of its body.


Shadow Warriors are guardsmen. They usually stand still at their place and attack with the halberd only when approached. If one goes away far enough, they stop and return to their guard place. Some Shadow Warriors patrol along a line, otherwise they behave the same.

How to defeat

This is a strong enemy. It is immune to most magic and can only be conquered by physical strikes. It swings its halberd in a half circle, uses its spike for frontal attacks, or strikes it's axe top-down. Hits deal heavy damage, especially the top-down hit. To defeat, the player has to aim his strikes carefully at the weaker pieces of the Shadow Warrior's armor repeatedly. The Shadow Warrior uses the halberd's shaft to block attacks. If it uses the top-down strike, the halberd gets stuck for a moment in the bottom (depending on the ground type), giving the player opportunity to attack.

It can happen that the halberd is destroyed by the player, in which case the Shadow Warrior draws out a short sword and uses that for attacking. This however deals much less damage than the halberd; a tactic against this enemy can thus also be to try to destroy the halberd first.

While the Shadow Warrior still carries its halberd, it moves along only slowly. If the halberd is destroyed and the Shadow Warrior switches to sword attacks, it moves much faster.


Its first appearance should be as a mini boss in a dungeon. Shadow Warriors ignore other enemies. If another enemy approaches in battle by coincidence, it is still ignored; if said enemy is stupid enough to come near the helbard, it will take severe damage.

Shadow Warrors are intellegent enemies (compared with other monsters). They will run away from bombs for example or try to pick them up and throw them back to the player if there is enough time. When multiple Shadow Warriors attack the player simultaneously, they will keep distance from one another so they do not accidentally hit their allies.

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